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Wall mounting tv - before or after cable installation?

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Ambivalence Mon 22-Aug-16 15:52:22

I've no idea which order to do this in. Im moving house and need to mount my 5 year old ( and was only cheap then 32 inch telly onto an adjustable wall bracket with arms. I'm going to have to hire someone to do it. Should it be done before or after the virgin.mediary set up with tv box?
Can anyone recommend a company to do ut/ ballpark price ?
Are there universal brackets that will work?

I'm not V techy at all, nor good at did. No techy friends to ask either so hoping someone can advise please.

Many thanks

PigletJohn Mon 22-Aug-16 16:23:59

I suppose I would fit the wall bracket first, in case the position of studs means you have to reposition it slightly. Measure its position and use chalk (rubs off) to mark the wall. It may come with a spirit level.

AFAIK the cable connector will be a small box on the wall with a socket that you plug the co-ax or F-type connector into. The connector cables are available in various lengths, usually white or black. Virgin will probably give you a cable, I asked for an extra-long one as I said I like to move the TV around the room.

The TV might have standard fittings for a bracket. About four screw-holes in the back. If you have lost the installation instructions, they may be available on the maker's website. They vary in size, and possibly in position of fixing holes. If you have not got one, ask the manufacturer or look on their website.

I think I got my last one from Richer.

If you can drill holes in a wall, you can do it yourself. You need to know if the wall is block, brick, plasterboard on studs, or concrete. A TV repairman would probably do it, or an electrician, or a competent and careful handywoman or DIYer.

You might want to plug it into an aerial outlet as well for Freeview. Depending on your taste you might not use Virgin much. I find the Virgin quality worse than Freeview and foolishly bought a new TV as I thought that was the cause of a poor picture.

I just took a look round the back of mine and can't untangle the wires enough to see which is which. The aerial goes into one socket, the Virgin box might connect with an HDMI connector or something. The Virgin installer will know. It will depend what sockets your TV has. The instructions suggest you could also use a SCART lead.

Don't allow dust from drilling to get into your TV or other electronic equipment

Ambivalence Mon 22-Aug-16 17:53:53

Thanks Piglet John that's really helpful. It's going on an external wall so it is brick. I thought it might be best if the bracket went up first.
It's a Toshiba tv and 4 years old. I am planning on an extendable wall bracket arm sort of thing. I was hoping a standard one from argos etc would do. I'm going to have to find a handyman as I really can't do it myself and don't have the tools needed either...

PigletJohn Mon 22-Aug-16 18:13:45

offer to hold the hose of your hoover under the drill to catch the gritty dust as it is coming out. Suck out the holes after they have been drilled.

A large dustsheet on the floor, that can go in the washer will help (the dust blows around easily).

Ambivalence Mon 22-Aug-16 23:11:41

Thank you. I'll put the tv in another room until the drilling is done then, and I think I'll cling film it to protect from the settling dust. Thank you for those tips. ..invaluable. found an extending arm rrp £175 for £20 on amazon. I hope it's good. Some of te feedback is that only 3 screws supplied but 7 holes and needs all done so hoping the handyman I've booked comes well equipped. ..

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