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Anyone heard of Hebdons

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VisualQ Mon 22-Aug-16 12:03:44

Hebdons bespoke Orangeries Ha. Formerly bespoke hardwood conservatories,bespoke joinery,and more bla bla bla. We gave them a 20% deposit in February to build an orangerie. Was not convinced they were the right people to go with but then he brought in some members of his team one being the project manager that would oversee the build. (His son) really seemed to know what he was talking about so we signed the contract which was also the payment schedule . They took our old conservatory away at the end of April then asked for another 10% (payment 2 "at start of building works) I said no building works have started just demolition! DH said "I was begging pedantic" so we paid. Another 2 weeks later the ground works were done. According to payment schedule another 7.5% was paid. That's it we have nearly 8 months after signing a slab of concrete and a breeze block wall, still propped up. He has lied to us,decieved us,gone missing completely for weeks at a time and te scheduled the re start of the build at least five times. Months of stress and anxiety,tears,lack of sleep,inability to eat etc He eventually phoned over two weeks ago and said he was closing the company.( another lie,still trading) He has nearly 40k of our money and not even1/6 of the build is completed. This is soo bad as we can't afford to complete the build but all along he has known I have a child with special needs registered disabled and a husband with a serious genetic disorder. DONT give this man a cent a penny the lying troll looks like someone's headmaster he operates (builds beautiful garden rooms and orangeries) what a joke! Hampshire,Surrey,Sussex and Kent . Watch out ! One very despairing and miserable mum.

wowfudge Mon 22-Aug-16 12:34:27

The confirmation statement for the company (what was the annual return) is due to be filed by Friday this week. If it isn't filed the Registrar of Companies will start compulsory strike off procedures. Or the director can apply for a voluntary striking off.

Get legal advice OP. I would also get at least one other firm round to quote and to give you their assessment of the value of the work carried out to date asap. Speak to trading standards too. You could issue a statutory demand for the refund of the monies you've paid over the value of the work carried out so far and apply to have the company wound up if he doesn't pay you back. This will have serious consequences for the sole director. You will need to act quickly though.

VisualQ Mon 22-Aug-16 13:58:06

We have had two builders around. 1 said the work done is of 10k at most another said 15k. We saw the GROUNDWORKS bill which was 6 1/2 k. We also paid an extra 2.5 k as an old water cistern was found which glad to be picked out and re filled with reject stones so that we thought was fair enough.
Contacted trading standards straight away - sent the obligatory letter which was not responded to... Of course. How do we go about issuing a statutory demand for monies payed over? And what about the dangrous mess he has left us in. Shouldn't he be culpable for that too? . Director probably wants to be struck off and claim insolvency as had several limited company's in the last four years and renamed and reopened.

VisualQ Mon 22-Aug-16 14:00:45

If a limited company can prove its insolvent. Don't think their is anyway to get monies back at all 😤

wowfudge Mon 22-Aug-16 15:18:11

I would have thought that you would not want anyone else to go through what you have suffered. If the company is made insolvent then he will find it very difficult to set up another company and could be disqualified as a director. So far he has survived by voluntarily dissolving companies from what I can see on Companies House.

See I'd suggest using a process server to serve it for you.

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