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Renovation project - where to start, suppliers etc

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WhatIfWhatIf Mon 22-Aug-16 10:48:19

We're currently in the process of buying a property in need of complete renovation: new kitchen and moving location of kitchen; rearranging bedroom/bathroom layout and new bathrooms; new floors and staircase; replastering; some new windows and doors; redoing outside terrace and garden etc.

Really excited about the idea of being able to make a place exactly as we'd like it but also daunted by the prospect of such a big project as don't really know where to start choosing suppliers etc. We do have an architect whom we've had recommended to us and think we would use and we understand the process for choosing builders etc.

Just wondering if anyone who's done this sort of thing has any advice for us? Where do we start? What should we be looking for/avoiding like the plague? Where did you start when choosing kitchens for example? We'd like it to be good quality as this would be our 'forever house' but don't want to pay over the odds where it's not necessary.

Similarly with bathrooms, floors, stairs, windows....

WhatIfWhatIf Mon 22-Aug-16 10:53:23

Sorry, one more question: on the subject of architects, any idea how much we should be expecting to pay? The guy we're thinking of using has given us a rough quotation for how much it might cost to do the work and a breakdown of his fees - some fixed costs, some percentage costs - but I have no idea whether these are fairly standard/good value/extortionate!

Thought I'd ask here before asking other architects to compare...

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