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Bristol - moving there - help with areas pls!

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thebevster77 Sun 21-Aug-16 18:46:24

We are moving to Bristol next summer and have visited several times in the last year to try and narrow down our search for a neighbourhood to move to. So far we like east Bristol (Hanham, Kingswood, St George) and are considering the north (Bradley Stoke, Filton). We are on a decent income but definitely won't be able to afford the likes of Clifton etc. My kids are 3ys and 7yrs. I have just found out that due to my youngest starting school next year, when I apply for primary schools in January, I will have to have decided on which ones in Bristol! A daunting task! Any advice on areas and schools please. We need to think ahead to my son starting secondary school one day too.

catslife Mon 22-Aug-16 14:42:51

Hope this doesn't confuse you too much but you need to know that although these areas are part of Bristol in that they have Bristol postcodes, most of these areas (apart from St George) are in South Gloucestershire Council area. This affects school admissions and council tax etc. So you need to look at South Gloucestershire website for school details.
Hope that helps.

squirrel76 Mon 22-Aug-16 14:56:36

If you like Hanham then Beacon Rise primary is a really good primary, all the primaries in Bradley Stoke are pretty good but secondary places can be a bit of a lottery depending on where you live. There are good primary and secondary schools in Thornbury but this is a bit further out. Downend, Emersons Green and Lyde Green could also be worth looking at. Winterbourne and Frampton Cotterell are both nice areas just down the road from Bradley Stoke but with a bit more of a village feel.

Traffic in Bristol can be horrendous in some areas so is worth bearing in mind!

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