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Tiled fireplace for woodburner??

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emsyj Sun 21-Aug-16 17:51:36

Just seeking mumsnet wisdom as we seem to be finding conflicting info on this when we google. We have a multi-fuel stove and would like to tile the wall behind it. The hearth is already appropriately built and tiled with black quarry tiles, but the wall behind is now bare brick and I would like to tile over it. There seems to be a mix of views as to whether unglazed tiles are necessary or any tiles will do (because they are fired at high temperatures anyway). I don't particularly want quarry tiles behind the stove, I would like grey metro tiles... Any wisdom, advice or experience welcome!

heathc1iff Sun 21-Aug-16 21:01:04

As long as it is a modern stove you should be fine because they are insulated at the back and sides to maximise the heat output to the front. One tip is to avoid any voids behind the tiles when applying the tile adhesive as this can cause them to come loose ( the air in any pockets expands as it heats up behind the tile)

emsyj Sun 21-Aug-16 21:31:11

That's really useful info thanks. We are looking to use a professional tiler to do the work, ideally someone who has done it before although it seems to be quite an unusual thing to do, weirdly!!

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