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Advice - fixing wardrobe door?

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Ambivalence Sun 21-Aug-16 07:53:09

Hoping someone can advise. This wardrobe door is screwed into a block of wood and the block of wood glued onto the inside of the wardrobe.
The wooden block has pulled off the door ( damage in transit ). I tried to glue it back using no more nails and it didn't stick!

Should I try another glue? Nail it in? It's a kids wardrobe so wood but the wood isn't massively thick...
Any ideas anyone please?

heathc1iff Sun 21-Aug-16 21:10:28

You can buy a hinge repair plate from amazon, ebay, etc. It's an piece of metal about 4 inch square that the hinge screws into and can be screwed in to good wood on the wardrobe. They only cost a couple of pound and are really easy to fit.

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