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Bathroom tiles

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MightyMeerkat Sat 20-Aug-16 17:01:53

I love these tiles for my bathroom floor but I'm struggling to find a wall tile which would look good with them. White metro tiles would be in keeping but I quite fancy something more exciting! Also would you go for gloss or Matt finish?

Pradaqueen Sat 20-Aug-16 17:08:44

Ooh lovely tiles. I've used similar 'sucre' by fired earth. I used a border of Matt dark grey from FE and then Matt White metro from tons of tiles. Looked fab.

MightyMeerkat Sun 21-Aug-16 12:52:20

Thanks, Prada, do you find the Matt tiles okay to keep clean? They would be in the shower enclosure which will be huge

Pradaqueen Sun 21-Aug-16 17:59:56

Yes. I have a really big walk in shower. No problem keeping clean.

FanDabbyFloozy Sun 21-Aug-16 18:10:23

I am going for similar and have chosen white metro tiles grin

SippingSipsmith Sun 23-Jul-17 14:36:43

I'm also looking at using these Laura Ashley tiles. Has anyone put them with a grey metro tile and if so, which one?

RhubarbCrumbled Mon 24-Jul-17 15:08:08

I have white metro tiles in my bathroom but with a bevelled edge so look a bit fancier.

SippingSipsmith Mon 24-Jul-17 15:26:11

Thanks - I've seen these bevelled white ones in Topps and they look lovely in situ - they had them on the wall at the entrance to store. Will consider though I had these earmarked for another bathroom I have to do along with small black and white hex floor tiles...

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