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Grey eggshell for skirting boards?

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thisisbloodyridiculous Thu 18-Aug-16 18:49:18

Has anyone done this? Can you recommend a paint to use?

We have Timeless by Dulux in our open plan downstairs & in the hall & up two staircases & I think the grey would set it off beautifully - just looking for people who have done it & can give advice smile

PigletJohn Thu 18-Aug-16 20:56:44

Opinions differ, but I find eggshell looks grubby and is very difficult to get properly clean. Skirtings get dirty, from dust kicked up, from spills, and when scuffed by shoes, furniture or the vac.

GerryAndPerry Fri 19-Aug-16 07:40:47

A friend has painted her skirting boards the same as the walls and I found it a bit meh. I remember coloured skirting boards in the 90s and they were naff then. I think a crisp white skirting is a fresh full stop at the bottom of the wall and shows off/highlights the colour of the paintwork.

pistachioicecream Fri 19-Aug-16 10:04:08

We're in the middle of renovating an Edwardian property and have opted to paint all the woodwork the eggshell of the same colour as the walls in virtually all the rooms. Only exception is my son's room where we've painted the skirting a darker shade of grey. I could send you a picture if that would help.

We think they all look great. A modern twist on a traditional property and a bit different, which is what we wanted.

No problems so far with the quality of the eggshell so far but obviously its relatively new so I can't comment on what it will look like in a few years!

I spent hours scouring pinterest and decorating blogs before deciding to do it though.

This article on the F&B blog talks through various decorating options!

Just goes to show everyone's tastes are totally different and you should do what you love.

Good luck.

costahighfive Fri 19-Aug-16 10:06:06

I've often wonder what a very glossy black would look like on skirting boards, I've never seen it done but in my head it looks really nice!

thisisbloodyridiculous Fri 19-Aug-16 10:06:15

Thanks pista did you use F&B?

pistachioicecream Fri 19-Aug-16 10:16:52

We used Dulux Trade oil based eggshell in all the rooms bar the hallway where we've used a ready mixed Little Greene oil based eggshell.

Dulux Trade paints are meant to be better than the off the shelf ones and they were really easy to apply. They'll mix any colour for you too.

We colour matched F&B Railings for the fireplace surround but everything else has been just a standard Dulux colour. Chic Shadow in the children's bedrooms - they all chose the same colour! With Monument Grey as the woodwork colour for my son's room.

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