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IKEA induction hobs: any good?

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KoalaDownUnder Thu 18-Aug-16 16:20:59

I need a new hob (cooktop). Can't have gas, heart set on induction. Should I get:

a) a Bosch cooktop (advantages: good, mid-range European brand, matches existing Bosch dishwasher); or

b) an IKEA cooktop (advantages: cheaper, will fit seamlessly with new IKEA cabinets we're planning in future, 5-year warranty)

Any advice much appreciated. flowers

KoalaDownUnder Thu 18-Aug-16 17:20:24

bump Anyone? Bueller? grin

I'm desperate, I have to buy the damn thing ASAP.

Badders123 Thu 18-Aug-16 21:08:17

I LOVE my folklig!!

Mrsladybirdface Thu 18-Aug-16 23:19:05

I have a Folklig too and love it...can't compare it as it's the only one I've had!

KoalaDownUnder Fri 19-Aug-16 01:20:45

Thank you both. flowers

MiaowTheCat Fri 19-Aug-16 07:50:47

I've got a Bosch one and to be honest it's got a number of features that drive me crackers.

It's got touch panel controls - great I thought - no knobs to have to clean around... and they're really bloody annoying - they'll go off when your boob brushes them but will they fuck respond when you've got a pan of water boiling over?!

Badders123 Fri 19-Aug-16 07:53:21

I wouldn't touch Bosch tbh...they get such bad customer reviews!
Induction hobs are so easy to clean!
I do t think IKEA Still do my oven which is a shame as its The best one I've ever used - inc a £££ range oven-
Self cleaning too!

foolonthehill Fri 19-Aug-16 09:50:47

love my Ikea induction ho b...easy to use, easy to clean. As fast as gas, maybe faster. Had it for 6 months.

KoalaDownUnder Fri 19-Aug-16 10:49:24

Oh, that's interesting about the Bosch - thanks Miaow!

My Bosch dishwasher is awesome, so was basing it on that. Maybe I'll go IKEA after all!

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