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Double glazing no k glass

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Thomasthetank456 Wed 17-Aug-16 16:00:00

Hi, I wonder if anyone could help me. We had a floor to celling windows & doors replaced approx 4 years ago each of the end panels have cracked on the inside of the glazed unit. We were quoted for toughened (not just safety) glass. When they were fitting they had to come back as the the 2 end panels which have an angled top (follows roof line) were not right and these are the panels which have cracked.
We have since found out that they are laminated not toughened. Company that fitted are not interested and have a reputation for poor after sales.
Sorry here's the question had another company round who have said the 2 damaged pieces are not "k" glass and that this is illigal. Can anyone help me quote the right bits of legislation to the company so I don't get fobbed off again.
Thanks sorry its long 😄

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