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If you've done some house renovation...

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Twerking9to5 Wed 17-Aug-16 12:04:08

Please could you give me your tips?

We've just bought a 3 bed semi and want to extend the downstairs and add a loft conversion. It's quite a big job and i'm finding it hard to get my head around who does what.

I've spoken to one architect and one architectural designer. The architect seems to be able to draw the plans but not really advise us on how best to use the space to create the feel we want. Should we be expecting that from an architect?

Also, who can tell us where to put lighting? Our kitchen/diner will be north facing so we want to make sure we have enough light in the right places. Does an architect help with that? Builder?

Basically, this is all so new to us - ANY help would be so appreciated!

PigletJohn Wed 17-Aug-16 13:05:23

I'm surprised about the architect. The ones I have met take a delight in making the most of the home, and having ideas that might not occur to you.

Possibly he doesn't want to give away designs with you paying and establishing a brief.

There are also draughtsmen who will draw up plans according to your instructions. This is often fairly easy if it is the sort of rebuild or extension that will have been done a thousand times in houses similar to yours.

Builders are not necessarily good at house design.

Twerking9to5 Wed 17-Aug-16 16:12:47

Thanks piglet. You could be right about not giving away too much (which I would totally understand). What we're doing isn't too weird, fairly regular so I expect he would be able to steer us.

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