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UPVC door advice needed

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SvalbardianPenguin Tue 16-Aug-16 15:10:35

Our front door will lock and unlock but it won't open as of last night. DD said 'something happened' when she tried to close it but can't be more specific.
When I try to open it, the top comes away from the frame but not much at the middle and not at all at the bottom.
It has flat hinges that adjust with an allen key but whichever way I turn it, it seems to move up the first time and then down the second time. Looking at the front door compare to the back door (same doors) the gap between the hinges is more on the back door to the front door - the hinge is three sections.
Can anybody advise before I call the repair people out which will be a lot of €. Thanks.

evrybuddy Tue 16-Aug-16 15:16:52

If it was working okay for some time before then I would guess it's an issue with the multi-point locking system rather than hinges.

Do you mean you can hear the top lock retracting in the door?

Or that the top of the door is moving in the frame? and the rest isn't?

I presume the door is locked shut from your description and is unopenable?

SvalbardianPenguin Tue 16-Aug-16 16:47:21

The top of the door moves but the rest doesn't, it can be locked and unlocked by won't open. Thanks.

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