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Survey Results - Second Opinion Sought

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MyAngels Mon 15-Aug-16 22:10:07

Mum is selling her house and the full survey report is back with her purchasers and is covered with things that need Urgent attention - New roof, new windows and doors, new boiler.....

All parties concerned, mum, purchasers and estate agent absolutely staggered as the house looks perfect. Yes its a 1961 bungalow, bit of repointing required here and there, but many of the windows (all uPVC, look sound, well fitted, not bodged) are less than 10 years old, the roof was partially replaced 7 years ago during an extension, the rest of it looks sound, no missing or broken tiles, no leaks.

Purchasers are so shocked at the difference between the report and the lovely house they saw only 2 weeks ago that they want a second survey done by another surveyor.

Mum is so upset by the result of the survey that she wants the whole thing to go away and take the house off the market. This was supposed to be a move to be closer to us (200 miles away) as she is in the house on her own, so am reluctant to let it drop without a few questions being asked about what exactly does need doing in the house. I'm not saying its perfect, but it bl**dy does NOT need new windows and doors ( I live in a 200 year old cottage which certainly does need new windows and a new roof..).

Has anyone had any experience of a survey being so at odds with what you were expecting?

wowfudge Mon 15-Aug-16 22:34:54

Has your mum had any examples of the actual wording used in the survey? Have the buyers checked that the surveyor's report is actually for the correct house? A phone call should sort it if there's some sort of mistake.

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