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Swimming Pool - what to do.

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SillyQuestion2005 Mon 15-Aug-16 15:10:54

We've bought a property with a swimming pool. I wasn't mad keen on the pool but the location and house are perfect so it seemed like an unexpected bonus.

Not entirely unexpectedly it's not in the best of shape. It's 20yrs old and there's a leak in it somewhere, the skimmer and the return are both leaking and need replacing. We've got a reputable firm working on it trying to "make do and mend" but it seems that if it won't hold water and the filter needs reworking then it's going to cost us £3000-£3500 eventually to re-line and sort the plumbing out. We could find the money (not immediately but prob save by end of year) but if I'm going to chuck that sort of money on home improvements it wouldn't ideally be on something that takes up a quarter of the garden and gets v limited use (it's not heated). It's got a few small trees around it that are probably playing merry havoc too.

The pool is 5mx3m and 1.5m deep (but built up slightly above ground). It has about 1m of patio all round it. We've put up a safety fence around the patio to keep the kids out for now.

Any genius ideas for how else we could spend that money to make better use of the space? We have 2 (preschool) DCs.

DH loves the pool as a feature and wants to try and save it. I don't want to spend another penny if it's not worth saving and we won't use it.

Ideas (some which will cost way more than saving it:
Fish pond
Put a greenhouse roof on it and have a sunken greenhouse
Drill the bottom, demolish, fill in and put fake grass on for a little football pitch.
Put a real roof on, stick a games table in and turn it into a pool hall (haha)

I realise this is a massive FW problem. So don't flame me. Just after some ideas from people more creative than me!

PotteringAlong Mon 15-Aug-16 15:13:01

How much will it cost to save it and heat it? Tbh, I think I would just fill it in:

HerRoyalNotness Mon 15-Aug-16 15:17:26

If I could save the money and do a pool from scratch or refurb I'd put in one of those 'natural' style with the pond plants along the edges etc. Apparently they run differently from traditional
Pool and are warmer, plus you could have pond and pool combined.

reallybadidea Mon 15-Aug-16 15:19:17

How much would it cost to repair it and install heating? A close friend has a heated outdoor pool and it gets used a LOT now her children are a bit older. They have an air source heat pump so not hugely expensive to run. I can see how an unheated pool wouldn't get much use!

I would either spend what it takes to make it properly useable or fill it in.

SillyQuestion2005 Mon 15-Aug-16 15:19:55

Yep. I think that's where I'm going with this pottering but I don't think DH agrees. So I'm trying to source a fantastic way to use the space that trumps "swimming pool" in his mind. grin

There's a bit of a demolition job because of the wall around it and need to create drainage but it's got to be cheaper than the alternative.

I've not massively researched the ongoing running costs of heating it. But I think a heat pump would cost another £1000 or so. Not tempting.

HerRoyalNotness Mon 15-Aug-16 15:20:35

Have a look here for what I mean

SillyQuestion2005 Mon 15-Aug-16 15:22:28

Ooh. X post. I think I need to properly research costs of turning it into a heated pool. Agree that would get more use and especially when DCs are older.

The thought of caning any money on it at all when I'd much rather get the kitchen done is unappealing. But we knew the risk.

SillyQuestion2005 Mon 15-Aug-16 15:23:21

Oh wow. They look lovely herroyalnotness

AlexandraEiffel Mon 15-Aug-16 15:25:41

Turn it into a skatepark! grin

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Mon 15-Aug-16 15:27:47

I think your children would love you for it if you restored it and got a heater.

peanutnutty Mon 15-Aug-16 15:32:59

We had a pool when we were kids.
It was used day in, day out from when we were about 9.

I would try and repair and heat it if I was you.

SleepFreeZone Mon 15-Aug-16 15:33:20

Personally it would depend on the location and the age of your children. If you have young kids i would get rid as it's a risk and they could fall in and drown, even with a cover on. I just wouldn't want to be worrying about. If you are in close proximity to other houses and there is a chance other kids could access it and hurt themselves I would also get rid.

PotteringAlong Mon 15-Aug-16 16:11:25

If it is heated then your children could have a pool party every year for their birthday party. That alone would probably offset the cost of the heat pump over 10 years of parties.

I know I said fill it in, but I might be talking myself into keeping your pool grin

TheSpottedZebra Mon 15-Aug-16 16:11:28

There was a grand designs or that George Clarke one where someone turned a (bigger) disused swimming pool into a home office - basically by sticking a roof on it, per your greenhouse idea.

TheSpottedZebra Mon 15-Aug-16 16:12:20

Oh, that would obviously cost £££ more though!

DearMrDilkington Mon 15-Aug-16 16:13:42

Have you got a photo of the swimming pool just to get an idea on sizing and space?

lifelongfrugaleer Mon 15-Aug-16 16:14:33

Is it too big to make into a sunken trampoline until the dc are a bit older/ you have saved up?

dragonsarebest Mon 15-Aug-16 16:39:43

Those natural pools look fabulous. Definitely work towards one of those.

venys Mon 15-Aug-16 16:45:22

I think regardless you will be spending that kind of money anyway. You will be surprised at even the effort it will take to fill it in. I would just go for whatever you want in the medium term

justaweeone Mon 15-Aug-16 18:10:03

What about doing something like this?

minipie Mon 15-Aug-16 19:27:17

Sunken trampoline definitely!

On a recent MN thread trampoline came out easily on top as most used and loved kids garden kit.

There is one company that can install the sunken trampoline and also make a lid for it so if you want more garden space you put the lid on.

SillyQuestion2005 Mon 15-Aug-16 19:45:59

Haha pottering - they're born in December and Feb so it would have to be some heater to make it birthday party friendly!

I'm like you. Torn between it being awesome and a big old hassle.

Sunken trampoline is a great idea. Might not work though, as is built up out of ground (see pic). And venys - yes I think demolition will be similar cost to fixing it up, so if we do get rid (and I'm flip flopping!) then we want to do something as exciting with the space!

SillyQuestion2005 Mon 15-Aug-16 19:47:49

That link isn't working for me just

SillyQuestion2005 Mon 15-Aug-16 19:49:25

I love the idea of turning it into a room zebra. But definitely the "unexpected windfall" option.

HerdsOfWilderbeest Mon 15-Aug-16 19:52:11

God I would have loved that as a child.

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