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How is Blackfen, Kent to live in?

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littlemissmuffet88 Mon 15-Aug-16 14:31:55

Hello everyone, is there anyone living in Blackfen, Kent, we have recently been to see some properties there and really like one particular property that we want to move into, but would like to know how the area is to live in.
Some of the questions that we think about are
If the area is safe ?
Is it muti-cutural?
Is it good for newly-weds and young families?
Are there good nursery/primary schools? Grammar schools?
Is it a lively place to live ?
This will be our first house so we want to be sure of the place we invest.
money in? hmm
would highly appreciate any first hand reviews from people who have lived/ live there. Any feedback on social dynamics, crime or general feel of the area would be appreciated. Thank You.

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