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Paint colour help!!!

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RosieLig Fri 12-Aug-16 16:43:11


I'm thinking of repainting our sitting room as it feels too airy and quite cold, I want to cosy it up.

It's currently Matchstick by F&B and was previously New White. Both of which aren't quite right. It's an old house but has fairly low ceilings. It has windows at both ends so the room is bright.

It's a big room and I feel we swim around in it! Sofas are beige and curtains/blinds are pale backgrounds with green and red in them. I was thinking a darker colour - maybe Savage Ground?

Help please! Thanks. :-)

goshthatseemsalot Fri 12-Aug-16 20:33:50

You are choosing rather old hat yellow based neutrals that will look bland with your beige sofa. This will have the effect of making the walls appear to be falling away in a room with a lot of natural light. Get some colour in there or go a bit darker but not savage ground. Try drop cloth or Oxford stone if you can't face colour. See if one of the greens might work with your curtains. Get some cushions and throws with greens and reds in them.

wowfudge Sat 13-Aug-16 08:09:40

If you want a cosy feel, colours which are richer and or darker are the way to go. Oxford Stone or London Stone are neutral but not yellow. Or you could choose a much stronger colour, even on one wall can make a difference. We have an inglenook fireplace and have put a rich dark red in that part of the room with a neutral creamy coffee colour on the rest of the walls. If it were all the neutral colour it would be too bland.

RosieLig Sat 13-Aug-16 23:01:32

Thank you both, you're right! I actually have Oxford Stone in another room- I love it! Unfortunately the sofa is more of a sandy beige so the pink in Oxford Stone would really jar. That's why I've gone for a more yellow palate.

I do have lots of cushions in pinks and greens to break up the beige.

I suppose I need something less oh my than Oxford Stone or to dye my sofa covers!

RosieLig Sat 13-Aug-16 23:02:33

I mean less "pinky" not "oh my" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜

TremoloGreen Sat 13-Aug-16 23:29:01

Light Gray would work well with sandy beige and your curtains by the sound of things. See here it used to contemporary effect with Off Black.

It does kill me to recommend Farrow and Ball though but I don't know a close match in a better brand off the top of my head. If you are employing a decorator and don't mind paying out for extra paint, get the F&B. If you are painting it yourself, care about the cost, or have pets or children, get it matched by Johnstones or Dulux Trade Flat Matt.

sweetpeaandroses Sun 14-Aug-16 06:51:24

Joas White? We have it in a sitting room and it's very neutral.

RosieLig Sun 14-Aug-16 10:01:19

Thanks! Yes I like the look of the Light Gray. I'll check out Joa's White too. We are going to paint it ourselves as there's not much wall - just a lot of edges! I'll get the modern emulsion though...

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