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Soundproofing floors?

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YourNewspaperIsShit Thu 11-Aug-16 23:24:52

Ok so I didn't know how best to describe it, basically I'm worried 24/7 about my neighbours quality of life (re the noise from my house). When I first moved in I struggled to afford flooring, upstairs is all carpeted but not sure about underlay except my room which is laminate.

The entire of downstairs is just lino, no underlay and the noise is horrific. It wasn't on top of very good or even floorboards.

I have a big dog, cats and a toddler and it sounds like there's a stampede all hours of the day. They recommended I didn't get laminate due to all the spillage of drinks/water bowls daily in my living room.

What is the quietest and sturdiest flooring I can get for thundering feet? The dog has managed to rip up some of the lino so it needs replaced now and I've been saving. Carpet is a no go due to bad shedding and litter trays blush

luciole15 Thu 11-Aug-16 23:36:08

You can get all sorts of soundproofing. some types go under the floorboards I think. Try googling and ask your flooring supplier / carpet shop. Also, you could try talking to you neighbours. Find out how your menagerie is for them. :-) Maybe there are areas where you can scrimp and other which need more sound dampening.

Wish everyone was so considerate. Noise travels up as well as down in my place and downstairs apparently are all kitted out with clogs, not to mention shouty voices all the time and an in ability to shut, only slam doors. And they don't give a shit either.

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