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Oak front door

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greathat Wed 10-Aug-16 21:11:11

We have an oak front door. Its looking like it needs treating as its getting all scruffy at the bottom. Anyone done this? Don't really know what to do and google doesnt seem very helpful


PigletJohn Wed 10-Aug-16 21:50:49

Provided it is solid and not veneered, you could oil it.

I use linseed oil which seems to last well, though my external hardwood is not oak. If it is already damaged you might want to sand smooth it first. Treat the top and bottom extra-well.

With oils, you rub on a thin layer, then wipe away anything that remains on the surface and has not soaked in after half an hour, otherwise it will oxidise to a gummy mess. The oily rags you should wet with water after use, tie in a plastic bag and bin them, as they can spontaneously ignite. I have seen it.

PigletJohn Wed 10-Aug-16 21:52:52

you could also fit a kickplate, though brass will tarnish and need polishing.

Koala2 Wed 10-Aug-16 22:22:46

Sorry to jump on the post but what is best to do with a veneered oak door?

PigletJohn Wed 10-Aug-16 22:48:25

satin varnish

PigletJohn Wed 10-Aug-16 22:54:50

or if exposed to the weather, a breathing stain such as Woodsheen

RaisingSteam Wed 10-Aug-16 23:38:58

I've just bought Osmo UV oil to treat my new oak door. Door looks so pristine (albeit unfinished) I'm working up to dare to use it.

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