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Renting as a private landlord - any advice or info please?

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Flossyfloof Tue 09-Aug-16 20:15:34

I am currently renting a she out with an agent. I have always used agents in the past, really as a safety net to make sure that I do everything properly. i am in contact with the tenants and I always arrange myself to have any work done - it makes me so cross that agents take a cut and I would rather use my own people. We have recently been discussing me renting the house to them privately.
If you do this - did you write your own contract? Or copy one? Is is straightforward to use the deposit scheme? Anything you wish you had known when you first started on the road?
My tenants are great and I try to keep them happy. They have told me they want to stay and I am happy for them to stay so at least that bit is sorted!
Many thanks

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