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Private Renting Direct with Landlord and Not Through Letting Agent - Advice Please

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mummytippy Tue 09-Aug-16 19:45:38

I recently viewed a property via a letting agent. I exchanged numbers direct with the owner who's now contacted me and said she wants to do it without using an agent. Apart from knowing my deposit needs to be secured in the TDS (Tenancy Deposit Scheme) is there anything else I need to consider. I've rented before but always through a letting agent.

Since viewing, the owner mentioned they wanted to save on what they considered unneccessary fees (as the letting agents did not follow up after viewings etc for feedback) so don't think they were best impressed with them.

Also, the property although it is nice, it is does have a few signs of wear and tear/tired decoration which I would like putting right before moving in or a reduction on the rent on the assurity I'd get the works done myself.

Obviously such matters would be easier discussed with an agent than direct with the owner but I feel that if they're saving money by not having fees to pay to a letting agent, do you think IABU to ask... for such a reduction and if so how best to put it? Thanks in advance.

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