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Where to start when looking to buy a new house? (Scotland)

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Matilda2013 Mon 08-Aug-16 11:23:00

We are going to be looking to sell our current home and buy a bigger house within the next year. Currently DP owns our house (his first house) and we are looking to sell that one and buy the next one together. As this is my first time being involved in a house purchase can anyone advise on what steps we will be looking to take? Whether to save some extra money just now/have the house valued/talk to the bank etc just now? Just any advice really would be useful! Thanks

JT05 Mon 08-Aug-16 11:49:28

Decide on the area, know your price limit and what type/ size of house you want. Would you get better value just outside your chosen area? Will school catchment areas be important, now or in the future? Would you be prepared to do work?

Also how much is your house worth, how much can you borrow, how quickly will you current house sell?

Once you have decided on these types of things, get trawling the Internet!
Good luck.

Matilda2013 Mon 08-Aug-16 12:11:00

Who are we best seeing in regards to how much we can borrow? Our bank or do we shop around? And would they be more accommodating if we have money saved up beforehand? (or is that not such a big thing when selling to buy a new home?) Sorry I have no idea about these things!

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