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Fitted kitchen in cream and cabinet door broken, ideas to replace one door when kitchen 16 years old!

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Halfwayoranges Fri 05-Aug-16 07:18:36

No idea where the original cabinets are from...

Any ideas on a replacement door very welcome!

wowfudge Fri 05-Aug-16 07:52:07

How is the door broken? Someone may be able to suggest a way of fixing it.

anyname123 Fri 05-Aug-16 07:55:22

Perhaps you can do without a door, depending on your style of kitchen a curtain on a wire for the country look, or just have a tidy up of the cupboard and make it an open plan "feature"??

Halfwayoranges Fri 05-Aug-16 07:58:12

It's where the tumble dryer is... So I suppose I could leave it! Because it's cream it's difficult to find the same colour... Maybe I could go for a black and different style door...

Thanks for the replies.

Wellywife Fri 05-Aug-16 07:58:35

There are companies that just replace a worktop or doors (or both). You wouldn't need to do all doors if you can't get an exact match, just a small run so it looks intentional.

Ambivalence Fri 05-Aug-16 13:58:19

Maybe post a pic on here and see if anyone can recognise it? If you have any clue which shop etc then ebay for a replacement door?
Depending on how it is broken could a carpenter fix it? Would be a lot easier than finding a new door! Good luck xx

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