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Wooden Ladder paint?

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Meandkids Wed 03-Aug-16 07:49:30

Hi all

Just had a small mezzanine level fitted but had to leave the painting as couldn't find the cash to pay someone, so have started the walls but have a small area of 3 small planks to paint and a wooden ladder leading into the room..any advice on what paint to use...beginner advice please!
Have been told eggshell by Dulux is the best option but its sooooo pricey £55 for a 5l can...just wanted to see if that was the best or there was any other advice out there! Thanks in advance!

wowfudge Wed 03-Aug-16 08:26:24

It's only the Trade Diamond Eggshell that costs that much. Plenty of alternatives, including satinwood paint.

TattyCat Wed 03-Aug-16 09:42:08

If you're expecting heavy footfall, I'd be tempted to use floor paint on both the floor and the ladder. It's more hard wearing and doesn't need an undercoat. I used it on a trade stand we built and it was brilliant - chip free and scratch free after 4 days of people walking all over it and us hanging heavy items. 5L tins are around £30-40 in B&Q I think.

TattyCat Wed 03-Aug-16 09:43:06

Oh, and I wouldn't use traditional eggshell on ladders - it won't last long and because paint has changed in recent years, the oil based ones aren't as hard wearing as they used to be. Floor paint's definitely the way to go.

Meandkids Wed 03-Aug-16 10:47:49

Thanks all, Its really only my 8 year old that will be using the ladder and his pals., and me cleaning his not particularly heavy (no shoes) footfall...would you still say floor paint on wood is the way forward?
Appreciating your help!

TattyCat Thu 04-Aug-16 01:00:26

Ok, well I'd still use floor paint purely for the fact that it's harder wearing and even socked boys will give it some welly! I just think that eggshell is so easily chipped these days.

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