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Spray painting anglepoise lamp

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BendydickCuminsnatch Tue 02-Aug-16 20:48:28

Have a big red anglepoise lamp which I want to be silver! As its metal the lamp gets hot so i wonder if spray painting it would be a dangerous plan?

Misselthwaite Tue 02-Aug-16 21:02:53

Could you look at paints used for things like fireplaces so they're heat resistant.

BendydickCuminsnatch Tue 02-Aug-16 21:06:35

Oh good idea, I'll have a look.

MachiKoro Tue 02-Aug-16 21:09:46

Radiator paint/hammerite should do the trick.

BendydickCuminsnatch Tue 02-Aug-16 21:10:56

Well that was easy, there are loads of em! BBQ paint, I never knew that was a thing confused yay smile

kittykut Wed 03-Aug-16 17:38:17

I wouldn't recommend it when it will probably look bad and you can find silver anglepoise lamps for cheap. You can find them here:

The cost of the paint and the work needed compared the price of a new silver lamp makes it worth it to purchase a new one in my opinion

BendydickCuminsnatch Wed 03-Aug-16 18:38:46

Yeah that's probably true. I was looking forward to doing it myself though, I love doing stuff like that. It's a fab tall floor lamp not a desktop one smile For what reason will it probably look bad (so I can avoid that!)?

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