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Can anyone suggest a suitable shower screen for this bath?

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Canklesofglitter Tue 02-Aug-16 15:43:23

We have been looking for ages for a shower screen to go over this bath so that we can have a proper shower over this bath and use the space that is currently the shower cubicle in this room (out of shot of the picture) is for something else. This isn't the main bathroom in the house so it won't get daily use.

Ideally I'd like a glass end panel at the end of the bath (towards the front of the picture) and a glass shower screen but the end panels don't seem to exist - unless anyone has seen anything?

I am beginning to think that we need to tear the whole bathroom out and start again...

Svalberg Tue 02-Aug-16 16:21:48

Have you thought about a folding bath screen that could be hinged and folded to the wall when not in use? Something like this?

groovejet Tue 02-Aug-16 16:31:45

Had a quick google and found this, seems to be what you are looking for

groovejet Tue 02-Aug-16 16:47:52

or this

poochiepants Tue 02-Aug-16 19:05:50

Which ever you get, make sure that you can get to the rubber/plastic sealing strip along the bottom edge to dry and clean it regularly - they're ripe for converting water into mould....!

Sophiec83 Tue 02-Aug-16 19:16:21

aylsham Tue 02-Aug-16 22:19:34

try the outasight shower 'curtain' - not really a curtain - fits to the wall and only comes out when in use. Had one on a similar bath for a few years and really pleased with it.
it makes the bathroom feel double the size when the screen is closed

Canklesofglitter Tue 02-Aug-16 23:04:21

Oh wow loads of ideas! I have literally been googling for weeks. I've obviously not found the right search terms!

Thank you so much.

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