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£20-£30k for dormer window?

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HopeNotFear Mon 01-Aug-16 22:24:21

We converted our attic 12 years ago so staircase, velux Windows already in & floor reinforced to comply with regulations etc.

We would now like to replace a velux with a dormer window at the rear (approx 3m long) making a new shower-room. A new roof light will need to be fitted over the staircase to provide natural light.

I sent a few pictures to an architect who has suggested the cost would likely be £20-£30k. Obviously he can't provide a more accurate figure until he's seen the space, which is fair enough.

However, I'm pretty gobsmacked at this amount. I thought £10-12k would be enough to cover architect drawings, planning consent, building the new dormer, fitting a new shower, toilet & basin, stud wall partitions, skimming etc.

Is my budget of £10-£12k completely unrealistic? We live in Edinburgh, if that's relevant.


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