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Smoke detector issues not moved in yet

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als30 Sun 31-Jul-16 16:11:28

Ive just got my first flat off a local housing association (live in Scotland btw) not due to move in till friday as was on holiday
Stuffs ordered for new place and been up yesterday and today going over the paint work ie ceilings when i got a call brother had said he knocked the fire alarm and it started beeping but went off all should of been fine till my mum decided to fix it as the bit you remove to change batteries looked squint now its going off every few minutes
Weve took the battery out still beeps so must be mains powered we have also tried shuting the power off to the fire alarms and still the same
Cause i haven't actually moved in yet i have sent a request for a repair (will also try phoning in morning)
Feel bad for the neighbours if they hear this going off but is it ok to leave it beeping away as i dont know what else to do
And will it continue to beep or will it stop

als30 Sun 31-Jul-16 16:11:54


PigletJohn Sun 31-Jul-16 17:26:27

I don't know, but if you show some photos, preferably showing make and model if you can, somebody might recognise it.

Smoke alarms that are mains powered are usually wired to the lighting circuit, as you will notice if there is a circuit failure.

In your consumer unit, if you turn off the MCB marked "lights" in your consumer unit then it will probably stop bleeping once all the backup batteries have been removed or gone flat.

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