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garden diy patio - advice needed!

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kedy Sun 31-Jul-16 14:01:25

Hi everyone, we are in a terraced house trying to build a patio on a budget. does anyone know if there are gardeners/builders who would actually help with digging and laying the patio - we already bought all material? builders i asked seem to only want big jobs; so they prefer buying material doing everything themselves at super expensive prices. ..hence we bought everything ourselves; but really need help as bringing a tonne of stones and sand from the front to the back is killing us!

newname99 Mon 01-Aug-16 00:11:59

Try looking for groundworkers.I'm sure you will find people will to work with your materials, unless they deem them unsuitable for the job.

Have you tried checkatrade?

engineersthumb Mon 01-Aug-16 05:49:30

you may find someone willing to work on day rate but I can understand that no one would give a price to work with you and your materials as there are too many unknowns. What type of patio are you building, what size and what specific aspects do you need assistance with? If it is just the physical aspects of digging and carrying then maybe friends or relatives could help? Alternatively a labourer could help. Be aware though that employee Inc people to help may work out as expensive as contracting the whole thing out. There are some good websites on paving (pavingexpert) etc that have some good advice and tips. Most of all slow and steady and you can probably manage.

kedy Mon 01-Aug-16 10:02:47

Hi newname99 and engineers thumb; thank you for your suggestions very helpful! i looked up ground workers - they seem to be construction workers digging up foundations, which sounded over the top for what i need (digging 15 sqm site to a 15 cm depth, laying shingle, sand,concrete, stone). Engineers thumb; i was very specific about the size; materials, aspects of assistance etc - i think this is a problem of job size. Most people (rightly) prefer bigger jobs that last a few days and they do everything...i'll check out paving expert and check a trade. do you know where i can find labourers?

Hufflepuffin Mon 01-Aug-16 12:24:32

We've had good luck with Also worth posting on a local faceook selling or parenting page

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