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Benchmarxs kitchens

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NakedMum33and3rd Fri 29-Jul-16 18:52:54

Yay or nay? It's the same as wickes right?

tofutti Sat 30-Jul-16 06:46:36

Yay. They gave me 10% discount on printed quote from Wickes.

Exact same kitchen.

Replaced faulty cabinet door with no questions.

Ntinyn Sat 30-Jul-16 06:51:49

place marking. I'm interested too as we think we'll use for utility room.

whiteagle Sat 30-Jul-16 07:01:44

My friend has one. If you are happy with a Wickes kitchen it is fine- yes it is the same.

RaeSkywalker Sat 30-Jul-16 07:10:03

It's the same (I think they didn't stick 1 item from our kitchen that Wickes did though). Very happy with the quality and you don't usually have to wait long for the kitchen to arrive (Wickes told us 6 weeks, Benchmarx took 48 hours from ordering to delivery).

RaeSkywalker Sat 30-Jul-16 07:10:33

^ 'stock', not 'stick' 🙄

Ntinyn Sat 30-Jul-16 10:22:02

Yes I was quite impressed with their claims to supply within 24-48h. It's a bit annoying having to quote only via the builder though.

Sooverthis Sat 30-Jul-16 13:17:42

Friends just fitted one of these using the Crawley branch for planning and supply. Shockingly shit the fitter pointed out several flaws in the plan requiring two different cabinets, the lighting tracks sent were wrong and two cupboards were damaged and had to be changed. The fitter charged for an extra day and they had to go back four times to collect things/change things. They close and 12 on a Saturday and left one exchange outside for collection as the half hour drive meant Benchmarx Crawley was closed, couldn't even stay open ten extra minutes to correct one of their many clock ups. Utter shite service. Kitchen looks lovely now it's in except the worktop and cupboards don't line up (despite checking that they would). The 'display' unit is a normal wall cupboard without a door. Lovely gloss finish cupboard front tho so if you go with Benchmarx avoid the Crawley branch/franchise.

Kittykatmacbill Sat 30-Jul-16 19:51:17

We have a benchmarx kitchen I thinks it's very nice, except we have a four door unit and I really wanted a five! Found this disprortionally annoying...
We got our surface tops else where.

NakedMum33and3rd Sat 30-Jul-16 20:04:38

Thank you. This is really helpful.
How do they compare with howdens?

RaeSkywalker Sat 30-Jul-16 21:59:57

We put a Howdens kitchen in our last house. It's very nice! We would've used them again happily, but Benchmarx had a style we liked more.

Sooverthis Sun 31-Jul-16 07:17:22

Get a Howden planner to work out the best layout then compare it to Benchmarx and get the company you want to incorporate the others design that what I do usually in the properties we refurbish. In our own house I used a more bespoke company and fitted it ourselves. The Howden/Benchmarx quote was £6,000ish the bespoke £9,000 (without fitting) but included all lighting and infinitely far better quality . I also used a separate worktop fitter and he ordered the worktop total cost cost for a composite stone was cheaper via him including fitting than Howdens or Benchmarx they aren't that cheap except for the actual cupboards. If you take a Howdens quote into Benchmarx or vice versa you will get the very best price but if you're using your own fitter you can get the cupboards from one and the worktop elsewhere.

CatherineDeB Sun 31-Jul-16 07:21:19

We had one too, it was really nice quality. We paid a carpenter to fit it, old house, everything wonky, he thought it was as good as the Howdens ones structurally.

CatherineDeB Sun 31-Jul-16 07:23:23

Just read thread above. We bought our work tops online, much cheaper and more choice. Same carpenter fitted them.

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