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Do you have bifold doors?

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DarkBlueEyes Thu 28-Jul-16 21:49:51

If you do, what kind are they, and what is the profile like?

I'm looking for bifolds like Solarlux ones (but cheaper!). I've looked at Origins, Kloeber and a few others and they all seem to have join lines on the doors, which I would prefer to avoid. Solarlux ones don't have any joins, they are completely plain and simple.

Would love to find an alternative so I can get more than one quote!

sparechange Thu 28-Jul-16 21:53:34

We I've Shuco/ Sücho ones and they are great. Very smooth to open and close

I don't know what you mean about join lines though. Ours are separate glass panels in separate frames - are you looking for frameless ones?

DarkBlueEyes Thu 28-Jul-16 22:13:05

No I mean the lines on the aluminium bits. So the actual frame, not the glass. It's so hard to describe I wish I could make it clear!

Think the Schuco ones might work though, thank you.

DarkBlueEyes Thu 28-Jul-16 22:16:28

In this picture, you can see a line across the bottom of the door, though I've seen some which are much more lined than this:

DarkBlueEyes Thu 28-Jul-16 22:19:01

Think this shows it better.

sparechange Thu 28-Jul-16 22:21:55

I think I've taken a photo of the right bit? (Excuse the dirt. The doors are open a lot and the garden is dusty blush )

SarahSea1 Fri 29-Jul-16 09:51:39

I know what you mean about the lines - they make some frames look conbled together. They're less obvious on the anthracite grey - silver seems to make them show up more. Have you looked at Express Bifold? I think their bifold frames are very like Schucho and, IME, they're great on lead times/price/customer service.

namechangedtoday15 Fri 29-Jul-16 09:56:04

I was going to take a photo of my doors this morning to say mine don't have a join. But they do. I think it perhaps make a difference what colour they are - mine are anthracite grey (very dark) so have honestly never noticed there is a gap.

DarkBlueEyes Fri 29-Jul-16 11:51:09

I think perhaps I chose the only ones that didn't have a join! Thanks for the photos. I will look at those express bifolds too. I rather think my solarlux are top of the range and I may need to adjust my preferences to suit my budget!

nick4692 Mon 15-Aug-16 14:34:46

Hello everyone. The lines you see (mainly on the inside) are the glazing beads that hold your glass in place. Not much you can do about these lines and they are very much part of most folding doors and less so on sliding doors. (Sliding doors are made a little differently).

I'll be honest i'm not sure what doors you are seeing with no sight lines at all unless they're shuffle glazed or made around the glass. Most doors are not made around the glass - the glass is added after they are made.

There are a huge number of quality bifolding doors and the Aluminium Trade Supply website can help you as an independent and impartial aluminium information resource.

Bifolding doors vary substantially in quality and price, but there is no bad or substandard product on the market if I can reassure you on this point - it is bad manufacture and fitting that compromise a product.

there are however doors that are considered high end, luxurious through better design, engineering and overall performance specifications.

Air Doors are Excellent and very well worth looking at. Kawneer are world renowned for the design of their doors. Schuco, Origin, Reynaers, Sunfold and Sunflex are also good although pricier. There are other great bifolds from Warmcore, Liniar Alumina, Seniors.

I've nearly 30 years in the door business so happy to answer any questions impartially and independently.

Likeaninjanow Mon 15-Aug-16 14:37:21

I have schuco doors and absolutely love them!

nick4692 Mon 15-Aug-16 15:11:01

Schuco doors are excellent and have a global standing and reputation. Given that Schuco as a company also design bomb blast and protection doors and windows, sophisticated special use windows such as those for prisons, secure units and government buildings, this know-how has been passed onto their residential products. I agree they are great doors and glad you're please with them.

lolalotta Sat 20-May-17 21:43:27


roses2 Mon 22-May-17 12:46:51

I too have Schuco doors! Bought from

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