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Restrictive covenant - dwellinghouse for single family occupation

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YelloDraw Thu 28-Jul-16 15:55:04


I'd appreciate a bit of advice.

Buying a house and it has a restrictive covenant saying it shall be used for no other purpose than as a private dwellinghouse for single family occupation.

Has anyone got experience of this?

It is an ex-LA house in London although not on an estate, it is an infill of about 8 houses on a road of older properties.

Solicitor is being a bit useless and just saying I have to comply with this.

I'm trying to work out what the impact of this really is? To comply would limit my options in the future if I wanted to or needed to rent it out as I wouldn't be able to rent to e.g. 3 friends.

When I come to sell, this will limit the pool of potential buyers as no BTL investor would want to buy it?

I am guessing the covenant is rarely enforced unless you get complaints from neighbors that you've turned your house into a whacking great annoying HMO...

Does anyone know:
- Where I can find information out about the last time this restrictive covenant was enforced by the council in the borough;
- Any info on how likely it is to be enforced; and
- What kind of a value impact this would/should have given reduced pool or potential buyers?

Thanks for any advice.


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