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Fadingmemory Thu 28-Jul-16 14:58:19

I live in a Victoria house. A damp patch on an internal wall has been "diagnosed" as condensation due to the high moisture content in the air. A specialist damp company is going to remove the skirting, "core out" the damp, install a membrane and replaster the area. The company's surveyor also suggested installation of a Nuaire Cyfan extractor in the kitchen. The unit he suggested can be set to a trickle rate which automatically increases when the moisture content in the air increases. However it is a large clumsy object. I wondered if there is another, more compact extractor that would do the job. The kitchen has 3 outside walls, measures 16ft x 12ft and there is no door between it and the next room which is 12ft x 10 (TV room). Any advice gratefully received.

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