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Painting kitchen tiles

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EdithBouvierBeale Wed 27-Jul-16 11:52:37

I've just bought a house which I'm doing up. I hope to extend in a couple of years, and move the kitchen I'm doing a quick-fix on the current kitchen and I'm painting the walls, re-plastering the ceiling and replacing light fittings. The cabinets are newish and okay.
I don't want to have to remove and replace the tiles too. They are smallish, smooth and beige. Before my painter laughs and rolls his eyes, would tile pile paint work? I've heard really mixed reports. I'm thinking that a coat of white paint would freshen them, and the grouting, up.

RowenaDahl Wed 27-Jul-16 11:59:38

I painted my bathroom in a previous property. I wouldn't do it again. It looked a bit poor and after all the time and effort (because it was a fair bit) I wish I'd spent a couple of hundred quid to get it re-tiled.

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