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my electrical box smells musty

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deathtoheadlice Tue 26-Jul-16 22:40:49

We have a box with our electrical meter in it, and it smells musty. It's just above the circuit breaker, which only smells a little bit musty.
I don't see any evidence of water damage in the nearby wall, but there are pipes in the upstairs bathroom that run directly above the area.
The house was given a complete rewire with new circuit board five years ago.
So my question is: should I be worried about a musty-smelling electrical box? Or do cables etc that are in enclosed spaces just get musty-smelling without water damage, just by being enclosed in England's rather damp climate?

adagio Tue 26-Jul-16 22:59:49

Musty Sabin mould/mildew damp smell, or more like that slightly fishy is that hot electrics smell?

If electrics smell, I had that for a few weeks then my master fuse blew. I didn't even know we had one smile it was before the meter where the main electric came into the house. The nice men from Wales and west utilities came out and fixed it, at 11pm on Valentine's Day, for free.

I was shock the guy just stuck on a massive rubber glove and plastic visor, said wish me luck and just yanked the old, very live one out!!

If damp I have no idea, mine doesn't smell damp. (30's house)

deathtoheadlice Tue 26-Jul-16 23:01:47

nope, no fishy dodgy electrics smell - just the mould/musty smell.
sounds quite dramatic!

PigletJohn Wed 27-Jul-16 00:20:37

mould and musty suggests damp.

Electrics usually smell fishy when hot, occasionally of rubber if cables are excessively old, occasionally of hot tar or pitch if meter of incomer are excessively old and overheating. You should be able to feel warmth if anything is overheating, and there may be brown staining. But I think yours is a damp problem. Some photos might give clues.

For example are there drains or waterpipes nearby; does the roof leak; is it in a cellar.

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