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Undermount kitchen sink

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didireallysaythat Tue 26-Jul-16 19:40:20

I'm sure I found undermount sinks with a draining board but now I can't find any/many. Anyone have any suggestions on where I should be looking ?

didireallysaythat Thu 28-Jul-16 22:25:42

Anyone ?? Blanco Europe do but blanco UK doesn't. Ecceci do I think. Not sure about Franke. But noone out there has an undernounted sink ?

Pestilence13610 Thu 28-Jul-16 22:30:33

Google is tricking you. There are loads

didireallysaythat Thu 28-Jul-16 22:54:40

Alas most of those are flushmount but I wonder if I could convince a fitter to undermount a flushmount sink... ?

Pestilence13610 Thu 28-Jul-16 23:11:47

Who needs a sink?
Just go for the drainer
Somebody does one, they had one in the kitchen shop yesterday when we were looking for a spare freezer.

didireallysaythat Fri 29-Jul-16 07:21:19

Thanks pestilence - I had started to look for a separate drainer but hadbt found one - thank you !

My builders merchants helpfully told me that noone does them while the one kitchen shop me near to make an appointment to do anything and doesn't want to sell me just a sink. I knew MN would help.

Pestilence13610 Fri 29-Jul-16 09:04:11

found one

Pestilence13610 Fri 29-Jul-16 09:09:19

and another in stainless. Quite a lot on this site, many very discounted, probably discontinued.
Freezer will be here at 3pm (so sadly excited)
I shall now stop putting off sorting the bathroom.

Pradaqueen Fri 29-Jul-16 14:15:20

Ikea ones were £10 last week as they are changing their product range.

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