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Reassure me about textured ceilings and potential asbestos?

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QualityRoad Mon 25-Jul-16 19:03:39

We've been warned in our survey about textured ceilings in the 1970s house we are buying, and the potential that they might contain a small amount of asbestos in the textured paint.

After speaking with the surveyor and reading up online, it seems like this isn't something to get too worked up about? We just need to get a sample tested to find out for sure if it does contain asbestos or not, and if it does then we just need to be aware of not doing any work to the ceilings which might release particles into the air. And we can also get the ceilings painted in a special "encapsulation" to further seal everything in. Otherwise it shouldn't cause us any problems?

Can anyone else set my mind at rest by saying they are happily living in houses with asbestos in the paint in their ceilings and it hasn't caused any problems?

Humptynumpty02 Mon 25-Jul-16 19:25:11

We've just bought a house with Artex on all the ceilings throughout the house abd we're currently in the process if plastering over it, effectively burying it. It's fine, abd left undisturbed poses little to no risk. The last we brought from lived with the artex for over 40 years abd she was fine.

FemaleDilbert Mon 25-Jul-16 20:35:56

Just don't sand it or drill into it and it will be fine. I would expect a lot of houses of that age have asbestos somewhere. Both our current house and previous houses had it, never bothered us

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