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Are all hot tubs the same - purchase advice needed

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Secretsout Sun 24-Jul-16 17:09:44

Hi experts, looking for some pre-purchase advice. We have decided to buy a hot tub. Have had a look on eBay and can get one for about £5k with delivery and install factored in. Went to the local branch of a national supplier today and hubby liked the look of a particular tub. Salesman went through all the pitch and spent a long time with us. Upshot is that the tub is £15k with them. They are different products so not comparing. Like for like. Hubby thinks this is the Rolls Royce and eBay is the Fod Focus. I personally think they are all the same. Can you impart your knowledge on me and convince me that £15k is ridiculous 😬

Herschellmum Sun 24-Jul-16 21:00:51

No idea but there are company's I've liked on Facebook selling for £2600!

I generally think that the more money the better quality, but then at 5k you could buy 3 instead of the 15k one. I guess the biggest factor of buying cheap is what security and garuntee do you have?

Just tempt your husband with what you could spend the other 10k on, lol, luxury holiday?

Flickers Sun 24-Jul-16 21:07:32

£15k?! That's a pricey sex pond.

Hufflepuffin Sun 24-Jul-16 21:52:10

Have you looked at the differences in running costs over ten years? I think that's one of the big differences.

Mrsraypurchase Sun 24-Jul-16 21:53:49

We paid 3k for ours about 6 years ago. It's excellent. I expect there's lots of upselling in showrooms.

Loumate666 Mon 25-Jul-16 10:54:18

If your husband's thinking Jacuzzi, there are deals to be had from the dealer and big discounts if you go for an ex-dem model. For example, we paid 25% less than list for one that had been in the showroom for 3 days which they installed within a week.

Their after-sales support is also very good - the installers went through everything and when after a week we had a bit of a problem managing water quality, they came out next day and went through everything face to face and followed up a few days later to make sure that the water was ok.

MelitaInLondon Mon 25-Jul-16 11:35:52

Yes, definitely see what the options are for an ex-demo model. A friend of mine recommended doing that on Teepee, my fav new recommendations app, after she got a big discount. We haven't taken the plunge yet ourselves but we're thinking of it!

BillieMax Mon 25-Jul-16 12:07:46

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MelitaInLondon Mon 25-Jul-16 12:51:49

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Secretsout Mon 25-Jul-16 21:16:27

Thanks all for the advice. lou it wasn't jacuzzi, they did sell them but they were the second rate option according to the salesman, hence why I'm trying to get an idea if it's all sales talk or there are genuine differences. To me, it's just a big plastic bubble bath in the garden but the hubby thinks there's more to it. huffle we were quoted about £25 per month in running costs for the expensive one but no,idea how to price the eBay models. I'm not too concerned about monthly costs really.

Loumate666 Mon 25-Jul-16 22:02:21

Secret - For running costs, to give you a baseline to compare with others, mine has a 7kw heater and costs about £30 per month to run with the family using it everyday at 37C (you run it a degree or so warmer when it's colder).

I did a fair amount of research and interested in the other brand you're interested in - would you mind saying?

Secretsout Tue 26-Jul-16 11:50:39

Lou £30 is not bad. I'm sure the ones on ebay run on 3Kw but cant remember. Its Arctic Spas who we have been to see. I believe they are a national company, the SPA's are imported from the US (but I think this is the case with everyone who sells spas). There was a couple of ex-demos available but they were listed with about 10% off. I'm doubt we will be buying off them though. £15k is ridiculous

Loumate666 Tue 26-Jul-16 17:36:50

Secret Thanks - not a brand I came across as I don't think they have any dealers near me in the South East. Good luck with your purchase - we've had a fab time in our jacuzzi and in fact, I'm just off there now!

dietstartsmonday Tue 26-Jul-16 17:40:47

We had one from a company called tubs2u a few months ago. It cost 2700 installed.
We looked at showrooms as well and I really can't see much difference. In fact ours has more features than some that were 10k.

Mrsraypurchase Tue 26-Jul-16 19:17:55

Friends have had one the same amount of time as us. They had a lot of extra features - CD player etc. All the extra features stopped working within a year. If I had to replace ours I would go for a six person with basic back jets and the bubble function.

Secretsout Tue 26-Jul-16 22:00:24

Thanks diet and mrs that's what I want to know. Thank you all for your input.

Haggisfish Tue 26-Jul-16 22:06:27

Although I do like the light on ours! Never use the smelly oil adding bit though.

Mrsraypurchase Tue 26-Jul-16 22:22:00

Oh yes you definitely need the lights!

dietstartsmonday Wed 27-Jul-16 18:47:41

Yep agree lights are fab.

sal007 Thu 28-Jul-16 13:42:34

Hi, I work for the British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association - BISHTA. We have members that are part of the trade association for the UK and Irish Spa and Hot Tub industry, recognised by HSE (Health and Safety Executive) and HPA (Health Protection Agency). BISHTA promotes non-self-contained and self-contained hot tubs and swim spas. BISHTA members work to a Code of Ethics, you will be given honest and reliable advice. Plus you will be purchasing quality products that conform to European Standards. For lots more advice and to find a trusted BISHTA member visit: and look out for the BISHTA logo.
Please ask if the retailer you are purchasing from are members of BISHTA - this will give you reassurance. These are after all high-ticket items and your purchase should be treated in this way.

sal007 Thu 28-Jul-16 13:47:03

Hot Tubs range from about £3000 and the average running costs of a standard hot tub – varies from £1 - £1.50 per day, depending on outside temperature and amount of time used.

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