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Surveys - It is normal to get every service and system within a house independently checked?

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LittleRoundabout Sun 24-Jul-16 15:08:05

We've had a full structural survey done on a house we are buying. Nothing too bad has been unearthed, so we're reasonably happy.

But the surveyor basically recommends that virtually everything in the house is independently tested by a set of different experts. Does anyone ever actually do this, as it seems a little excessive? The list of recommended tests are:

-Full test of electrical installation
-Full test of gas installation including boiler and all radiators
-Cold water tank to be inspected for correct operation and adherence to current bylaws
-Hot water tank to be inspected for correct operation and adherence to current bylaws
-Incoming water supply to be checked
-Underground drainage system to be full inspected and flushed
-All double glazing to be checked for safety glass

Is it normal for buyers to do all these checks? It kind of feels that if you are extremely risk averse you might do them all, but otherwise if a family have been happily living there for years, don't you kind of assume that mostly everything should be OK? Or am I being naive?

specialsubject Sun 24-Jul-16 15:27:38

Ah yes, the survey shuffle . he's not an electrical or gas tester but the rest is serious arse covering and you have to wonder what you paid him for!

Gas - ask about age of boiler and service history. Expect old trv s not to work.
Windows - ask for fensa cert.
Water supply - is it mains? The water company do the checks.
Drainage - ask him what he thinks could be the issue. Ditto hot water tank.
Electrtics - age of system ? Fuses or RCDs ?

Sooverthis Sun 24-Jul-16 17:16:37

What have you paid him for then? Serious arse covering indeed

WhoTheFuckIsSimon Sun 24-Jul-16 17:38:44

Ask vendors for proof of last service for boiler.

Have a look at the fuse box and see if it looks ancient.

Turn a tap on, see if water pressure ok.

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