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Tap to match Franke Kubus sink

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Ntinyn Fri 22-Jul-16 14:50:05

Hi, has anyone got a Franke Kubus stainless steel sink? We're buying the 550 width undermounted one and now trying to decide on taps to 'match'. What finish is the sink in real life? I can't remember from kitchen showroom.
We live in a hard water area and I'm thinking that a brushed nickel or steel finish tap won't show up watermarks as much as shiny chrome?
Am I over thinking it? Do they need to actually match?

Humptynumpty02 Fri 22-Jul-16 15:15:58

We have this sink in our work kitchen and it's obviously taken a bashing but it's weathered the knocks surprisingly well. The finish is a sheen look, not polished and looks really smart. The taps they have are Franke Swing which to me look rather big and clumsy.

We are planning to put this sink into our new kitchen extension and will add a Franke Olympus tap with side spray to ours. We are in hard water also but I haven't really bothered to consider the implications, yes there will be some limescale but I doubt it'll be too bad.

Ntinyn Fri 22-Jul-16 17:33:32

Thanks Humpty, that's really useful. The Olympus is lovely looking. Are you getting it in steel or chrome finish?

I was wondering if it's best to stick to a Franke tap or if I could go for an Abode one I've seen... It comes in either chrome or brushed nickel. Hhhmmm.

Also, if anyone has a view of single or dual lever mono mixers that would be welcomed too...

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