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Day 5 of the extension

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RatherBeIndoors Fri 22-Jul-16 10:56:16

And the foundations have been poured, ready to start building up on Monday. They are now keeping busy knocking down and clearing away an old brick garage (so we have almost the same amount of garden left as before we extended, IYSWIM). I think they're making amazing progress but I am slightly losing my mind already from having people in my space from 7.30 every morning - does anyone have any sanity-saving tips while I smile sweetly through the remaining weeks of dust and dirt?! Thank goodness I have understanding neighbours and supremely disinterested DC grin

Thingirlstuckinfatsuit Fri 22-Jul-16 11:02:53

We are 5 weeks into our double storey side extension. So far it has been very easy because they won't knock through into the main house for another 3 weeks.

My sanity saving tips are leave the house as much as possible and leave them to it. My DC are both VERY excited about the builders - free entertainment 😁 oh and remember it will all be worth it - I may need reminding of this frequently when they knock through.

What are you having done, and how long will it take?

Ntinyn Fri 22-Jul-16 13:11:29

Place marking. Mine is starting in a couple of weeks. Am pregnant and have DD1 at home, worried I will lose my mind...

gluenotsoup Fri 22-Jul-16 15:49:02

Watching! Our extension is scheduled for the end of August. My only sanity plan is that the two older children will be in school, and to try to pretend it's all fine and easy, in the hope that I can convince myself...

RatherBeIndoors Fri 22-Jul-16 19:44:52

My saving grace has been colonising a friend's garden round the corner, since ours is now out of bounds! Going out is a good plan except for the mornings when I am working from home please don't break the electricity or the broadband

Yes, it's the knocking through bit I'm dreading <repeats it will all be worth it, it will all be worth it> ... <weeps>

We're having a rear and side single storey extension (to a bungalow), plus moving an existing internal wall, to magically create utility, turn kitchen into kitchen diner, fit in 2nd bathroom, and create 3rd bedroom. If I've measured right grin Ten weeks altogether, we're told...

Thingirlstuckinfatsuit Fri 22-Jul-16 19:54:25

Yes DH is being rather vague about how long it will be until we have a functioning kitchen 😕 as we lose our cooker when they knock through ....

Luckily we still have the garden, just our drive looks like a builders yard. It's all very exciting ..... must cling to the excitement for as long as possible 😀

OnePlanOnHouzz Fri 22-Jul-16 21:20:33

Watching with interest !! Good job it's BBQ season for those who are losing their kitchens for a short while !!!

Watch the film 'the money pit' and laugh your way past any real life temporary madness !! It WILL all be worth it in the end !!!

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