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Survey done today.. FTB, help please :-)

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FilmaWlintstone Wed 20-Jul-16 20:00:08

Hi everyone

I'm a FTB and had my structural survey done today ( own instruction after bank's valuation survey came bank fine )

My surveyor pointed out that the hot water wasn't working / on ( property is currently empty but has had tenants in until very recently)- the surveyor explained they don't test boilers ( he had seen it in the loft though ) but wanted the flag the no hot water issue

Having been rented out I expect there to be a gas safety certificate somewhere (solicitors are asking vendors solicitors for this already), however my vendor highlighted a loose connection to the guttering from the condensation pipe from the boiler on the outside of the house - an issue he said would mean the gas inspection would fail

Given this is like to schedule a boiler check - I'm hoping someone can point me in the correct direction of what type of check I need and an approximate cost .. I'm going to try and negotiate the vendor to bear the cost but worst case scenario I will have to

Thanks for any and all advice I'm really new to this and trying to get it right!

StepAwayFromTheThesaurus Wed 20-Jul-16 20:35:26

Phone up a plumber and get them to check the boiler. They'll make sure it's safe and functional and tell you how much it'd cost to sort out anything that needs sorted.

If the boiler was off, there would be no hot water so it isn't necessarily a problem. Remember that surveys are written defensively.

FilmaWlintstone Wed 20-Jul-16 21:46:12

Thank you!

FilmaWlintstone Thu 21-Jul-16 11:48:41

Another quick question - when now negotiating on a few things I'd like to try and get the vendor to deal with should I be negotiating through solicitors or the estate agent?

Thanks! Am clueless

HereIAm20 Thu 21-Jul-16 16:29:35

Solicitors. Also I would be asking seller to rectify issue with boiler ppipe etc as on survey and to provide proof that is has been done

FilmaWlintstone Thu 21-Jul-16 17:40:58

Thanks - yes agreed it's already down along with a few other points if like rectifying before completion

WeatherwaxOrOgg Fri 22-Jul-16 07:14:12

I'd negotiate though the agent then make sure the solicitor documents the final agreement.

If you do the negotiating through the solicitor you'll run the risk of them charging you for extra hours of work.

Sooverthis Fri 22-Jul-16 07:49:12

Try to remember that buying is very different to moving g into a rental. The vendor is under no obligation to sort anything out or fix anything. You as the buyer can ask for price reductions or that they sort issues out but they don't have to do either. It's very common for empty property surveys to come back with no hot water as boilers are often switched off. Just ask to go in, turn boiler on and see if it works. Any negotiations done via the solicitor will cost you and the vendor, any done via the estate agent won't so the ea would always be my first route.

FilmaWlintstone Fri 22-Jul-16 08:22:19

Thanks - I've gone to the estate agent with points - I'm aware it's different to renting grin
But if you don't ask you don't get grin

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