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Tenant moving out, private let help.

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stripeyzebra32 Mon 18-Jul-16 09:18:00

I wonder if someone can help me.

I inherited 2 properties from a family member a couple of years ago and have been letting the houses through a agency and I manage them myself, 1 I've had some issues with the tenants but all sorted now and I need some help with the second.

Letting agents found 2 tenants just under 2 years ago A & B who were work colleagues for a short hold tenancy agreement.
B got married and moved out and A called and said her sister C wanted to move in.
As A was lead name on the deposit they sorted it out with the deposit service that they could remove Bs name and C could go on the deposit and they settled up amongst themselves and a new tenancy agreement was signed.

A has contacted me and is moving due to work but C wants to stay in the property and has found someone who wants to share with her person D.

As A is lead name on the deposit do I need to refund all monies and start a new deposit in names C & D or can I just change names again and let them sort it out (that's what they prefer to do)

As I paid for the agents to find the tenants for me A & B would have had all the relevant checks done but C didn't.

How do I satisfy myself that they can afford the rent do I take pay slips from just D or both as that was never done when C moved in?

D comes from a EU country and is employed but I feel I need to check this out.

Can anyone advise how I do this? Myself and the tenants want to avoid going through the agency as they will be paying £800 for there service and I will loose half a months rent so it does seem crazy to do that.

LIZS Mon 18-Jul-16 09:31:18

I would get an agent to do all the checks for you , starting with a new tenancy agreement. You need to be sure that they have right to live and work here and the means to pay you regularly.

wowfudge Mon 18-Jul-16 09:47:51

It would be foolish to have two tenants in the property who you have not properly checked out. Spending the money now could save you much more in the future. If either of them balks at being checked, see that as a red flag.

whois Mon 18-Jul-16 10:16:48

Yup I would go through the proper checks and start a new tennancy, inc refund of old and get a new deposit.

Remember it is now your responsibility to ensure right to be in the UK etc!

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