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Leak from our bath into downstairs spare room

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concertplayer Mon 18-Jul-16 00:07:26

It poured down causing a hole in their ceiling. We had to wait 2 hours for
an emergency plumber and we could not turn off the stopcock.
So just using bowls etc to catch the water.
Plumber says it was due to a crack in the bath wastepipe
and he will fix tomorrow.
Can I claim for this on our buildings insurance?

LizzieMacQueen Mon 18-Jul-16 09:33:24

Yes I believe you can claim for the damage caused by water spillage but not the actual repair if that was someone's fault.

Obviously check what your excess is and consider that your premiums might rise.

concertplayer Mon 18-Jul-16 11:32:45

Thanks I do not think anyone did it deliberately.
The crack -wear and tear? must have been there for a while
and just got worse.

JE678 Mon 18-Jul-16 11:38:49

It sounds like you will need to claim on insurance as your downstairs neighbour will have a claim against you.

concertplayer Mon 18-Jul-16 12:26:29

Thanks JE678 We are both on the same insurance policy

concertplayer Mon 18-Jul-16 21:32:42

Plumber states it is our builders who have disconnected the pipe
accidentally (work going on)

lookbeforeyouleap Mon 18-Jul-16 21:35:07

If it's the fault of the builders their insurance should cover it.

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