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Dog walking spaces in Harrogate

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user1468769549 Sun 17-Jul-16 16:40:41

Our family is moving from London to Harrogate and we wanted to know of areas that are close to spaces good for walking your dog off lead which we may influence where we buy as well as other factors. We are aware of Killinghall Country park and the Stray. Thank you

Borisrules Sun 17-Jul-16 17:47:56

There's a nice disused railway between Bilton and starbeck/ Knaresbourough and easy access from there to the Nidd Gorge which is lovely and much nicer than the stray which is just a piece of flat grass.
There's also valley gardens which is quite big and nice. You can walk from the centre of town, up valley gardens and all the way to RHS Harlow Carr.
I'd have a look on a map and come up for the weekend if I were you.

OiOiSausage Mon 18-Jul-16 14:28:45

There are loads of woods all round the town too. Pinewoods up Otley Road, Hookstone Woods, between Leeds Road and the Wetherby Road. Lots of them are joined up by the Ringway path. Even if you're right in the town centre it's easy to get from there to some of these.


So live where you want, there's plenty of dog walking. grin

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