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Replacing a conservatory with a solid roof extension

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CakeThat Sun 17-Jul-16 16:23:37

Has anyone done this? We are really desperate for a second sitting room. We already have a perfectly nice conservatory which we inherited with our house. We don't use it much though- usual too hot in summer, too cold in winter problem. Also it is overlooked by our neighbours whose plot is higher than ours so they can look down into our conservatory from theirs. Another slight problem is that it leads off our living room, so if someone is watching tv in the conservatory you can hear it in the living room.
What I'd ideally like to do is completely get rid of the conservatory and instead get a garden room/orangery with a solid roof and side walls (so the neighbors can't see in), leading from our dining room. Does anyone know if this would be a useable temperature all year round?
However, we feel really guilty about getting rid of an ok conservatory (20 years old, timber). Is there anything that can be done to make this more useable? Thanks

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