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Places to live for a family near Bournemouth

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DH was just offered a good job in Bournemouth and we are thinking of relocating there from London with our 2 children (6 and 2.5). Which are areas with decent primaries that you can recommend? DH is not so keen to live in Bournemouth itself, rather a village outside. We would initially rent with a budget of around about £1500 per month.
Hope there are some Mumsnetters around from the areas!

Needmoresleep Sun 17-Jul-16 11:52:30

What to you want in a village? Proximity to the New Forest, the beach, good plublic transport or the road into London? Where in Bournemouth will he be working?

Traffic in Bournemouth can be awful. Geography dictates that it is a long spread out town. If he is working on the west of Bournemouth I would be tempted to live in Branksome/Alum Chine. Yes still in the town but much more green and leafy, with good schools and close to the beach. But expensive. Southbourn on the other side is also nice, and cheaper.

Thanks Needmoresleep. His job would be on the western side of Bournemouth. I will check those places out.

Oh and we are not fixed on proximity to New Forest or beach. Either sounds attractive to me.

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