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Oh bugger. Washing machine 'on' button broken.

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amistillsexy Sat 16-Jul-16 19:45:12

Can anyone advise if this is user serviceable? The washing machine is a Candy Grand Evo, and the button has been wobbly for a while.
It's a little inset oval shape, and today it just went 'ping' and floated off inside the hole it should sit in...I've used the machine since then, and the first time it switched on ok (although the button was very loose), and the second time it didn't switch on, so I fiddled around with it to try and pull out the broken button (hoping to be able to reach the part behind the button and switch it on that way), but I couldn't get the button out of its hole, and as I was fiddling, it just switched on...
So, I think if I could get the old button out, I would be able to switch it on using a stick poked into the hole, but how do I get the button out? And can I replace it easily?
Please? grin

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