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Buying and Selling Support - thread 2

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PippaFawcett Thu 14-Jul-16 21:15:56

Hi everyone, it looks like the original thread is full.

There is a secret group on Facebook, either it can stay like that and people can PM me the email address that is linked to their Facebook account, or if people don't want to do that, I can make it 'Closed' which means you can find it yourself and ask to join it.

Secret means no-one can see it but us, closed means you can find it, see the members but not see the posts. Let me know what people want to do.

Gobbolinothewitchscat Thu 14-Jul-16 21:51:49

Closed is fine for me. I PM-ed my email address is there something else I should do?

Sorry - clueless!

PippaFawcett Thu 14-Jul-16 21:54:28

You should check your FB notifications, I have invited you to join the group. Accept the notification and our identities will be revealed!

puggymummy1 Thu 14-Jul-16 22:26:41

Fell asleep! Just PMd smile

Chillywhippet Thu 14-Jul-16 22:49:46

Aargh. We have been waiting for water company to agree to remove notice on title deed. Solicitor said it would be no problem, would take 2 days. Applied 4th July. Found out today there is a new system and it will happen on 26th.

Bloody hell.

Had got more chilled and tried to accept that there was nothing I could do to make the whole thing happen any quicker than it was going to happen.

How does anybody ever fecking move???


puggymummy1 Fri 15-Jul-16 06:11:03

Sounds complicated Chilly. What's the issue with the title deed? Yes, it is a wonder how people ever manage to move house!

MunchyMunchkin Fri 15-Jul-16 10:33:21

Pippa - have pm'd you. Happy with closed or secret just no house stealing wink although feel free to buy mine!

Sweet - we were also on at 135k similar to most similar properties but we only got 1 viewing in 2 weeks. So dropped to a guide of 125-135k with an aim of getting 128k. So far we have had 6 viewings and another next week. So being in 2 extra search categories on rightmove has definitely helped.

Studious Fri 15-Jul-16 10:55:49

We have a water company holding us up too, they need to correct a search. It's been two weeks since the agreed exchange date, we are in rented and have to be out soon.

Mummyme87 Fri 15-Jul-16 11:56:08

Would love to hear something by the end of today... Bloody waiting! I worked out how many weeks this has been so far... Not as long as I thought. So we went on the market beginning of March and accepted offer April 4th, our offer was accepted 28th April.. That's only 4months from us accepting offer. Feels like years

Oogle Fri 15-Jul-16 12:33:46

Hi Pippa, have PM'd.

Our buyers have gone for full structural survey. It's a Georgian property. I have mega fear!

I'm just going to do home buyers on the one we're buying as it's a relatively new build.

PippaFawcett Fri 15-Jul-16 13:54:57

Hi everyone, I have added everyone who has PM'ed so check your notifications. I am going away for a night now so can someone else volunteer to add other people to the group? It is currently set at 'Secret' but anyone can add members with an email address. Or it can wait until I am back!

puggymummy1 Fri 15-Jul-16 19:26:41

Survey of our house on Tuesday! Think it's just a valuation (hopefully).

Chillywhippet Fri 15-Jul-16 22:52:41

Woohoo Puggy. Good that survey is booked.

Notice on title deed is to give water company access to drains, I think. It was a new build and at the time we bought it the Halifax didn't mind the notice.2 years on and the TSB can't proceed until it's removed.

I am a bit worried vendor will get fed up. It's been 2 months since our offer was accepted. We do have mortgage offer in place and survey report finally arrived yesterday so keep reassuring myself that they won't sell to anyone else quicker.

puggymummy1 Sat 16-Jul-16 09:14:13

We have two surveys set up on the house we're buying on two different dates. The first being the valuation survey and the second the home buyers survey. From what I understand the buyer of our house has only arranged for a valuation survey so far. How long does that normally take? I'm still spending the weekend tidying though as DD2 has been home since she finished GCSEs and has wrecked the joint! Her bedroom is so untidy that she's moved into the spare room! Nearly end of term for me so hopefully can start thinking about packing the house and for my hols!

puggymummy1 Sat 16-Jul-16 09:24:36

Oogle, full structural! I'd shit my pants!

PippaFawcett Sun 17-Jul-16 10:23:15

If anyone wants to join the FB group, PM me with the email address that is linked to your FB account and I will add you.

SweetPeaPods Tue 19-Jul-16 22:48:43

Ahh finally found you all.
Things have picked up here thankfully. Got 2 viewings in this week and 2 this weekend also. All without dropping price so we'll see how we get on with these first.
Pippa will pm you now.

MunchyMunchkin Wed 20-Jul-16 08:08:03

That's good that the viewings have picked up sweet. Hopefully one of them offers.

CaptainWarbeck Wed 20-Jul-16 09:44:26

Hello can I join? Or is it all on facebook instead of this thread?

FTB here, just put in our first offer on a house we really like. Just getting used to the agent mithering about us changing his proposed conditions and saying our offer was a 'bit cheeky' - 4% under the 'offers from' number is fine I think! There aren't any other potential buyers yet I don't think and we're prepared to negotiate up if the sellers make a counter offer.

puggymummy1 Wed 20-Jul-16 17:54:27

4% is not cheeky at all. Sounds very reasonable.

Mummyme87 Wed 20-Jul-16 18:07:42

That's what I was thinking aswell.

Mortgage offer out for us today 😀😀😀

puggymummy1 Wed 20-Jul-16 18:21:48

Nothing happening here today.

MunchyMunchkin Wed 20-Jul-16 18:37:27

2 more viewings this week and still waiting on this potential offer.

4% is reasonable.

CaptainWarbeck Thu 21-Jul-16 02:48:35

Oh good! I thought it was perfectly fine. We'll see what the sellers say anyway.

SweetPeaPods Thu 21-Jul-16 10:48:05

We now have another viewing next week but this mornings has cancelled. Please someone just buy it!!

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