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Re-decorating and re-carpeting cheaply

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FranTan Thu 14-Jul-16 14:30:19

Our tenants have just been evicted by the bailiffs and, as expected, the house is a state according to the letting agent. We want to sell the house ASAP (we're going to cut our losses, the stress of being landlords is too much) and need to get it ready. We're accidental landlords without surplus cash so need to get this done as cheaply as possible.

We also live the other side of the country so being there will be limited to the off weekends, with the bulk being done by contractors sourced by the agent.

It is a 4 bed terrace and needs new carpets throughout, complete re-decoration and a deep clean. The tenants were only in there for 9 months but apparently the place is disgusting, they didn't clean and had cats spraying everywhere.

Anyone have tips on how to make it sellable as cheaply as possible?


JT05 Thu 14-Jul-16 15:10:17

Sorry that you have had bad tenants. It all depends on how much mess there is. The carpets will have to go, obviously, but what is underneath? Can you get away with refurbishing the floor boards downstairs and cheap use rugs?
Carpet shops often have room sized off cuts that you could fit yourself, not a perfect job, but doable.
If the walls are still in good condition, then just clean and put a fresh coat of paint. Sale wallpaper for a feature wall?
Above all the house should smell clean, so I'd wash all the paintwork, floors and windows. Good luck.

FranTan Thu 14-Jul-16 15:37:43

Thank you. From memory when we lived there, the floor boards aren't good enough to make good so it will have to be carpets. Could we get away without underlay I wonder?

Will certainly look into the room size carpets.

engineersthumb Mon 18-Jul-16 05:47:52

I wouldn't try to get away without underlay as the carpet will break up. Cloud 9 is relatively cheap and there are others that are even cheaper.

whois Mon 18-Jul-16 10:08:47

Could we get away without underlay I wonder?

I went for carpet without underlay when I rented out my house out. There are some types that are meant to be laid without underlay.

This sype of carpet is not as nice and I would not do it if I was living there and looking after the carpet carefully - however it is cheaper and can be replaced more frequently so ideal for rented properties.

MissMargie Tue 19-Jul-16 14:22:50

If you know the room size you could phone local carpet shops for suitable off cuts. They could be helpful.
I would try to be there for any deep clean. I got cleaners in and their standards were ok but not mine!

Bails2014 Tue 19-Jul-16 14:34:54

If you're selling the house, speak to a local estate agent (not an online one), you may be able to get away with just a clean and a paint (if you are employed, take a few days off as annual leave to get it done). I'd rather no carpets than having to rip out new but essentially shit carpets. Also nice local agents probably have great recommendations for cleaners to use or indeed have their own.

specialsubject Tue 19-Jul-16 15:23:36

be aware that you'll need to bin not just carpet and underlay, but possibly some floorboards too. Cat urine is incredibly pervasive.

make sure it is properly secured and locks changed too. Before some charmer comes along and steals your boiler.

and MN will only bleat 'serve you right for being a landlord' as your tenants go merrily off to wreck another house.

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