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Does anyone have any security suggestions for a house on a corner plot?

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Ilikedogs Thu 14-Jul-16 13:53:56

We are about to buy a house on a corner plot. The front is on a main (but not busy) road and there is a smallish cul de sac down the side of the house and garden. The garden is part fenced and part tall hedge with a side access gate from the front of the house.

We are thinking of having an alarm installed (any recommendations?) putting trellis on the 6ft fencing (unsure if planning is an issue?) and then changing the locks to the front door.

My other concern is that there is a conservatory at the back of the house and a set of pvc French doors, both of which seem like easy points of entry. Any ideas on making them more secure would be appreciated.

Sorry to sound so paranoid! Our current house has no side access and the garden is surrounded by other gardens. That plus some nosy (but nice) neighbours it feels very safe here and I feel like we are losing that security.

wowfudge Thu 14-Jul-16 14:42:15

A decent alarm system will be an effective deterrent if you use it - both when you are out and at night when you are in bed. Actually using the locks on doors and windows helps too. Padlock gates, garages and sheds. Spiky plants near access points, under windows and where fences might be climbed over will help deter burglars.

Most burglaries are opportunistic so if you make your house a less attractive proposition - difficult to get into without attracting attention and access points in clear view, you are less likely to get broken into.

Protect valuables and don't put them on show where they are visible from the street.

Ilikedogs Thu 14-Jul-16 18:46:08

Thanks wowfudge in think we would make sure to use an alarm so will have to do some research.

PigletJohn Thu 14-Jul-16 22:09:46

plastic doors are sadly not very secure. Your insurance co will have a leaflet "minimum standards of security" or similar, possible on their website or included with the policy.

I'd go for a 6ft fence all round, and 6ft solid gates with padlocks and bolts on the inside, and spiky, thorny plants along all the fences, and if possible trained to pass over the gates. Gravel paths are supposed to be good because they are noisy to walk on.

Sheds and garages need to be well secured, especially if they have bikes or tools in them.

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